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If you are not familiar with this vest pocket neighborhood, it is in the "sweet spot" of Westlake's venerable Rob Roy. The drawback is that many of the houses are very large with current "for sale" prices in excess of five-million dollars. But if you are of the philosophy that asks "Why pay for more home than you need?", here is your chance to snag a not-so-big home. The two-story residence has four bedrooms and about 3,250 square feet. It is owned by the couple that originally built the home. The house is meticulous in appearance--he's an engineer, she's an interior designer.

Three bedrooms, including the master, are upstairs which has two advantages. If you have young children it is the preferred layout because you can hear them in the middle of the night if they get scared. The second advantage will become abundantly clear when you walk into the master bedroom--there is a booming view of the hill country.

The fourth bedroom, located on the first floor, offers multiple uses. If you have older relatives who will visit, but can't climb stairs, you can accommodate them here. This space also makes for a quiet office.

$66,000 In Updating
In recent years, the sellers have done some impressive updating. Granite counters are now in the kitchen, laundry room and wet bar. If you enjoy cooking, you will love the island work station with downdraft cooktop. And try this--count the kitchen cabinets where you live now, and compare to this one--fifty cabinets and drawers--enough storage for items like a bread maker, cookpots and your grandmother's cast iron skillets.

The master bath (photo at bottom of page) now looks like a spa room--granite counters with under mount sinks, two-person soaking tub and lavish shower. The view is so private, draperies are unnecessary.

If you like the idea of a home with a welcoming entry, wait until you swing open the front door--you walk into a sea of hardwood floors. They start at the entry and spill out everywhere--into the dining room, all the way through and over to the family area, then back into the kitchen, and across to the breakfast room. These are oak floors in a medium stain so you can see all the organic-looking swirling grain in the wood. Attention romantic couples: hardwood floors are ideal for slow dancing.

About The 3.5 Acre Lot--How'd You Like
To Go Hiking On Your Own Land?

One of the reasons the view here is so compelling is the house sits along the upper ridge of rugged terrain overlooking the canyon below. This means there is not much flat yard area front or back. Please pass if you are expecting a level 3.5 acre yard. That having been said, this place "feels" like you are in the middle of your own nature park. The back yard just dissolves into pristine wilderness terrain. This kind of setting is a wildlife magnet, and the owners routinely see songbirds, bunnies, squirrels and the occasional fox. It would not be unusual to spot a deer and her newborn fawn in these woods.

After a rainstorm, you can hear the sound of a small waterfall just off to the left of the deck. The land goes all the way down to the valley below. The distance from the street to the back of the property is more than the length of two football fields. A small trail leads into the woods from the back yard, and the journey into the canyon is filled with interesting terrain. For example, about half way down, a sprawling section of the land levels off, and it is rimmed with large rock outcroppings. Imagine the uses. Add a bench and a hammock, and you would have a wonderful spot to read a book or do yoga.

If there are young children in your immediate or extended family, do you have any idea how excited they would get if you made a big deal of taking them camping for the first time--on your own land! The expedition could start on the deck where you organize all the gear--a small tent, canteen, compass, some snacks and most importantly--walkie talkies. When the campsite is all set up, your daughter can "radio" this message back to the house, "Alpha one to base camp, come in mom. We have arrived!" Dear reader, memories like this last a lifetime.

The land continues down and down until you reach a boulder-lined, wet-weather creek. It is hard to imagine this property is just 1.8 miles west of Loop 360. When there is water in the creek, you can sit on the boulders and watch the stream weave its way through the canyon floor. This is as "hill country" as it gets. If you like a hard workout, test your endurance with a hike down and back.

There is another natural event you have likely never experienced before. From inside the house, you can see the western horizon in the distance. This means you can watch thunderstorms churn and spark their way across the western quadrant of Travis County.

Here is a quick summary. The floorplan has four bedrooms and 3,250 sq. ft. The guest bedroom/office downstairs has a full bath making it ideal for family elders. The house has only had one owner and is so spotless you could host a festive party the day you move in. The home has been consistently updated by an owner/designer, and you will give especially high marks for the kitchen, master bedroom and bath. The home has a 3-car garage. The setting is private. Ask yourself one question: have you seen another house in a neighborhood of this caliber, with this much updating, on 3.5 acres for $725,000? If not, what are you waiting for? Interest rates are at historic lows, and Austin real estate prices are starting to jump.

The seller is represented by Stan Barron Properties at 512.626.4911.

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