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Are you tired of seeing nice homes on tiny lots? Have you been disappointed when you drive into a neighborhood and ALL the houses are ten feet apart? Or you walk into a listing that seems promising until you open the back door and realize the houses behind you are looming right over the back yard? If you have been holding out for a home on a beautiful setting, wait until you see what is offered here. The current owners tell an interesting story of how they purchased the home thirteen years ago: "We wrote a contract on the spot because of the hilltop setting. It reminded us of living in the country".

Interesting Details About The Home
The two-story layout has 4 bedrooms, 3 baths, 2-car garage and approximately 3,400 square feet (per appraisal).
Built in 1979, it does need some updating, but it has what architects call "good bones". An interior designer would likely suggest opening up living areas into larger, more open space; bathrooms are neat, but need modern fixtures and counters. However, the home is ready for move-in as the owners have recently made over $50,000 in improvements. Here is a summary of work done since 2016. Exterior, interior paint (and minor repairs): $12,800; New carpet: $7,300; New downstairs AC/heat pump: $6,800; Landscaping: $3,700; Stainless dishwasher and stove: $1,200; Rear gate opener: $1,700; Front yard automated lights: $2,800; Granite counters in sunroom and laundry to match kitchen: $2,700; Updated cabinets and hardware: $11,800.

The home also has some appealing extras. For starters, you will understand why the master bedroom is upstairs when you see it--the near 180-degree view extends all the way to the horizon. And take a look at the floorplan on page two--the entire right wing of the house is all master bedroom/bath space that measures forty-three feet long!

There are two more bedrooms and full bath upstairs. The fourth bedroom is on the first level next to a full bath. This is helpful if there is any chance you will need to take care of family elders some day. If you do have older relatives who will visit during holidays this room would make an ideal guest bedroom.

The floorplan includes three other special use rooms--all on the first floor. Just off the entry, is a quiet, large space for an office with French doors. A room overlooking the pool could be used for fitness equipment and yoga mats. And why hasn't someone thought of this before--a huge, climatized storeroom. Use it for holiday decorations, sports and camping gear, family heirlooms, artist's studio, and it will swallow every piece of equipment that follow your children's school activities like band, cheerleading and soccer. Having this space means your garage can be organized and uncluttered.

Benefits When You Have This Much Land
If you have children you may want to take a cue from the current owners about this residence. One of their key motivations was the sprawling amount of outdoor activities made possible here. They wanted to encourage their children to spend time outdoors. New research reveals that too much time spent online results in feelings of isolation and depression. A recent report found that many tech executives severely limit the amount of time they allow their own children to spend on social media.

This lot is longer than a football field. The area behind the house includes the pool, greenspace and basketball court. If you want to play football, there is a huge level area at street level. Terraced gardens delineate the halfway point up the hillside. There are six trees in back, eleven in the front. These not only add shade, but they are nature's home for songbirds, squirrels, raccoons, possums and owls. There is a perfect level spot just off the front porch next to a large tree. If you have young children imagine this--you could take them "camping" on your own land! Get them a tent, compass, canteen and flashlight. Start the adventure after the sun goes down. Teach them to enjoy the wonder of a star-filled sky. Sit around the campsite with a lantern and read them a story!

And what young person can resist a backyard pool? Worth noting is this home's orientation--the pool and patio areas are on the east side of the house. This is the most preferred because of the setting sun. These areas catch afternoon shade which means you can go for a swim, sit next to the pool with a glass of wine, grill steaks or lay in a hammock on hot summer days. A note about the schools: So highly-regarded are the schools here some parents will not look at any "for sale" homes unless they fall within the boundary of these specific schools of RRISD (which this home does): Laurel Mt. Elementary, Canyon Vista Middle/Jr. High and Westwood High School. Verify for yourself, but per the ranking site, greatschools.org, all three have a "9" or "10" rating!

Summary: This is a rare chance to not only get a home with a view, but the sheer size of the land it is sitting on offers privacy--it connects you to nature--it encourages physical outdoor activities, and there is this experience: from this elevated position, you can observe thunderstorms spark, snarl and growl as they march across the western quadrant of Travis County. A storybook of memories awaits you here.

How To See This Home: If you are a ready-to-act buyer, please call your agent now to arrange an appointment (with a 1-day notice). The seller is represented by Stan Barron Properties.

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